SMB Newcastle United - Grey (T-Shirt)

SMB Newcastle United - Grey (T-Shirt)

Ref No: TS0018

Details: Exclusive Quality T.Shirt

Type: Clothing

Price: £14.99

SMB (Sad Mackem Bastards) Newcastle T.Shirt in Black.  Mackem is a name given to the people from Sunderland by Geordies the people from Newcastle & Tyneside. The name mackem was first widely used as a mickey-take towards sunderland people, as Geordies were sick of them claiming that they  were Geordies. On holidays abroad sunderland people would claim they were Geordies when introducing themselves to fellow British people. So from about the late 1980's the name Mackem was more commonly used as a put down.  At first the Mackems hated it, but eventually they actually started to use it as their actual identity!! They are now proud to be Mackems. Hilarious.

Mackem - meaning somebody from the sunderland area.  The English say Make and Take, Geordies say Mek and Tek, Mackems say Mac and Tac.  Mackem Tackems.


Exclusive and Original Design on a Quality T.Shirt.

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