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Another Bloody Tangle!

Another Bloody Tangle!

Ref No: 9781899807284

Details: Author: Peter Bishop

Type: Books

Price: £7.99

Former radio journalist and football reporter Peter Bishop took up fishing at an early age and never mastered it! This fishing book is about his love for the sport and the various and hilarious adventures that occurred on the way. How he once nearly caught a hippo; how the Queen Mother’s ghillie thought he was the “Bishop of Birkenhead” and called him “your Grace” throughout the day. After finishing the book he won his first ever angling match only to drop the trophy when it was presented. Although this is a fishing book first and formemost it also chronicles mildly erotic teenage fumblings in Ireland, infestations of maggots at home and the close camaraderie of anglers everywhere.

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