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The Ultimate Scottish Cycling Book (HB)

The Ultimate Scottish Cycling Book (HB)

Ref No: 9781840186178

Details: Author: Paul Lamarra

Type: Books

Price: £14.99

THE ULTIMATE SCOTTISH CYCLING BOOK is the first to deal with cycle-touring in Scotland in such a comprehensive manner. Much more than just a set of directions, the author's own experience on each route is described in an entertaining narrative, and detailed maps are featured to allow readers to follow the routes for themselves. The best way to see any country is to travel slowly and without pressure. Freed from the stresses of timetables and connections or concentration needed for driving, cycle touring allows just that.The unique commentary accompanying every route in this book will inspire readers to set off and get to know Scotland both on and off the beaten track. Through following any of these routes, cyclists will encouter events and places that have played an important but lesser-known role in the bigger Scottish picture. The routes take in everything one would expect from a holiday in Scotland but reveal unexpected little-known gems in addition. The time has never been better to go out and cycle. SUSTRANS have filled in crucial gaps in the quiet roads with dedicated cycle paths and the awareness amongst the tourist industry of the needs of cyclists has never been higher. After reading this book, there will be nothing blocking the way of an unforgettable, fulfilling trip. Every aspect of travelling with a bike is covered and each route is carefully constructed to make the cyclist feel safe and remove the need for expensive and inconvenient car hire. THE ULTIMATE SCOTTISH CYCLING GUIDE features nine of the best routes that cyclists of any level will find possible and enjoyable. The tours included are not about putting miles on the clock but about genuine experiences and taking everything in at your own pace.

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