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Rivals Classic Tyne & Wear Derby Games

Rivals Classic Tyne & Wear Derby Games

Ref No: 9780857331786

Details: Author: Paul Days

Type: Books

Price: £8.99

It's 1639, King Charles I is on the throne of England and is about to make a grave error of judgment that would lead to his death in 1649 after an armed struggle with both Parliament and the Scots; commonly known as the English Civil War. Far from London, in the North East of England, two rival communities, Newcastle and Sunderland, become entangled in the conflict and are on a collision course over industrial might that would lead to The Battle Of Boldon Hill in 1644. Nearly 400 years later that battle is still being enacted, primarily on the football fields of St James Park and The Stadium of Light, with two tribes in conflict, competing for an upper hand, in a war that cannot be won, ever. Rivals; Classic Tyne and Wear Derby Games tells the social, historical and sporting tale of perhaps the fiercest rivalry in Association Football, Newcastle United v Sunderland. It's black and white versus red and white, glory to the victor and despair for the vanquished. Titanic games, football legends, social disorder; this fixture has it all and can trace its sporting roots way back to the 19th Century and the formation by Teachers of a famous Wearside club, whilst its legendary Tyneside neighbours owe their existence to Cricket. A story unfolds that is not for the faint hearted. The distance from Newcastle to Sunderland is 12 miles; it might as well be a million, such is the disparity in views. This is the most thorough and unbiased account of this unending rivalry ever written. Quirky stories, hard hitting script, pointed views and some wonderful images, from the archives of The Daily Mirror.

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