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Black & White Daft Newcastle United

Black & White Daft Newcastle United

Ref No: 97809564410003

Details: Author: Mick Edmondson

Type: Books

Price: £12.99

Service Trains, Football Specials, Transits & Furniture Vans. Lifelong Newcastle United fan Mick Edmondson has been collecting anecdotes and memories from hundreds of fans who followed Newcastle United in the 1980's. He has collected over 1,000 tales between July 1979 and May 1990. Along with his own favourite memories and thousands of facts, this story gives an amazing insight to what it was like to actually follow one of footballs biggest and famous clubs in a very important and interesting period in their history. If you were there it will bring back plenty of memories and maybe answer a lot of questions you may have. If you were too young then it will help to educate you about what it was like in the days of the terraces, piling into the back of Transit vans or getting on the Football specials. Football violence was at its worst; Newcastle had great players such as Keegan, Beardsley & Waddle. Gazza, Goddard, Quinn, McGhee, McDermott, Varadi and the first ever Brazilian to play in the Uk – Mirandinha. But we also had the likes of Harford, Reilly, Shinton, Brown, Davies, Pingel, Heard, Megson, Hardwick, Clarke, Fereday, Askew, Sweeney, Bradshaw, Johnson, Hedworth & Stewart………….

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