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Germany 1, England 5 (DVD)

Germany 1, England 5 (DVD)

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Germany 1, England 5 commemorates the game that elevated coach Sven-Goran Eriksson to his (albeit temporary) status as greatest living man in England, after an unforeseen and unforgettable pummelling of the team England love to hate. September 1, 2001, will linger long in the memory as the day England travelled to Munich for a vital World Cup qualifier against Germany and quickly went one-down in time-honoured tradition.

Lest we forget, only a few months previously Germany had soiled the last ever international at Wembley with a victory that sent little Kevin Keegan into a spiral of self-loathing; they boasted a 28-year unbeaten home record; and the hosts had already booked alternative matches on the World Cup play-off dates that this 5-1 result hilariously forced them to change.

You'll know the story--a Michael Owen hat-trick, plus superb strikes from Steven Gerrard and Emile Heskey, as the Germans look on aghast--but the magic of that late summer evening is worth wallowing in again. The pictures and commentary are from the BBC--Motson and Brooking (with no option to turn them off, unfortunately)--and you get the full 90-minutes, all the relevant replays you could wish for, plus the pre-match build-up and some post-match reaction interviews from the night itself. This is a cherished snapshot of a sporting moment when anything seemed possible for England.

On the DVD: Germany 1, England 5 on disc comes with a reasonable selection of extras--though the lack of alternative commentaries cuts down on the repeat-viewing appeal. "Player Cams" are not alternative takes of the match but mini-montages of action featuring Beckham, Owen, Gerrard, Heskey and Scholes. "Goal Frenzy" offers extended montages of the goals themselves. "U21 Highlights" are extended highlights of the corresponding U21 qualifier. --Alex Hankin

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