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David Seaman: Jeepers Keepers (DVD)

David Seaman: Jeepers Keepers (DVD)

Ref No: 5014138026257

Details: DVD

Type: DVDs

Price: £14.99

David Seaman, one of the greatest English goalkeepers of all time, is back presenting another action-packed DVD with more gaffes and howlers from the crazy world of football.

Join David Seaman as he re-lives more terrible goalkeeping blunders from the likes of Carlo Cudicini and Edwin Van Der Saar. And its not just the goalies that David Seaman shames, the strikers are in for humiliation too! It’s all here in Jeepers Keepers, players of great calibre such as Giggs, Beckham and Henry are unable to hide from some of their worst moments in football!

David Seaman also goes back to the training ground sharing his top tips on avoiding such goalkeeping cock-ups. Also featured on the DVD are a fine selection of penalty misses and a collection of some of the greatest goals scored. This DVD must NOT be missed!

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