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Maradona: Villain Or Victim?

Maradona: Villain Or Victim?

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Maradona - Victim or Villain?

This amazing production documents the unique career of Diego Maradona, unquestionably one of footballs greatest geniuses.

A playing career, dogged by controversy and turbulence, ending in ignominy yet blessed with brilliance and total triumph.

In the 1980's the superstar dominated World football, his astonishing strength and skill winning Argentina the 1986 World Cup and a final with Italy in 1990.

This film tells the whole story. Unique footage of the boy Diego, playing in the Buenos Aires slums, his early career, his triumphs with Napoli and Barcelona PLUS those controversy packed World Cups.

Study the Hand of God goal in frame by frame detail, watch Maradona's greatest moments, and the tragedy of his last games. All this and more in this classic film.

Maradona - an international legend.

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