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Virtual Soccer Academy (DVD)

Virtual Soccer Academy (DVD)

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Details: DVD

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Price: £19.99

This unique product could change the face of English football for young people all over the country. It offers an opportunity for aspiring footballers to live their dream and participate in a training regime with a top coaching academy. This is a chance to learn from training sessions delivered by real Centre of Excellence coaches.

With Virtual Soccer Academy you can kick off your virtual football career, this is where dreams merge with reality. But it all takes hard work, there are a number of tests and levels of fitness that must be achieved to keep progressing – this is the real deal, not a game!

This is an opportunity to get to know the players as Virtual Soccer Academy invites you to team talks and training sessions. VSA brings some of the top coaches and players to your doorstep and encourages you to get out there and practice the skills you’ve seen demonstrated. With additional showboating lessons, competitions and interactive options this DVD is a life-changing opportunity.

Virtual Soccer Academy provides a fast track program to becoming a professional footballer and gives critical insight into the world of academy football. Covering areas such as skills, nutrition advice and showboating. With 72 lessons designed to tranform your game this unique interactive DVD is an absolute must for anyone serious about playing professional football.

Your introduction to the Academy will involve you selecting your own kit and boots and signing a players contract at the Academy. This is a 100 question quiz to test your knowledge. As you progress through the programme you have opportunities to unlock bonus showboatiing video’s and win prizes in unique competitions. Design your own 9 month training programme based around your weekly schedule. This programme is designed to improve your skills, finess, nutrition and ability and offers a chance to win a trial delivered by ex-England and Ireland Internationals at VSA talent days.

Features: - Training videos from top club coaches - Training challenges to practise - Exercise plans for peak playing performance - Meet the players - Meet the chairman - Sign a contract - Select your boots and kit - Essential info on match tactics and staying injury-free - Bonus content including showboating videos and downloads.

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