Roy Keane : As I See It (DVD)

Roy Keane : As I See It (DVD)

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There was no more talked-about domestic footballer in the 2002 World Cup than Manchester United and Ireland's combative captain Roy Keane--and he didn't even get a kick, after being sensationally sent home by international boss Mick McCarthy--but controversy and headlines are the staple diet for the go-it-alone midfielder, and the documentary As I See It confirms that the man himself couldn't care less.

The film covers fairly well-trodden ground: his arrival at Forest, the ill-feeling that accompanied his move to Old Trafford, the trophies, the red cards, the drink problem, the injuries--his own and those he allegedly inflicted on others--right through to the Ireland bust-up. While it's certainly his side of the story, it's a warts-and-all portrait. Yes, Keane's autobiography covers the key issues in greater depth, but this film delivers action to balance the anecdotes, with footage covering everything from his earliest professional performances right through to his development into the new Bryan Robson at the heart of Sir Alex Ferguson's reborn United--including the 1999 Champions League campaign that saw Keane drive his side into the final only to miss out due to suspension.

There's footage, too, of his ill-starred international career, the on-pitch flare-ups, and testimonies from team-mates past and present, who go on record with their admiration for his drive and ability (the subtext is that they'd rather be on his side than against him). Their comments only serve to highlight the paradox at the heart of the film. Keane is portrayed on the one hand as a family man, cherishing the quiet life, and on the other, as a monstrous figure with a craving for success at any cost, manifested in a gnawing need to force his will on a game, an opponent, a team-mate. It all makes for fascinating viewing.

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