Toon, Toon, Black 'n' White Europe

Toon, Toon, Black 'n' White Europe

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Details: Author: Barry Robertson

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Toon! Toon! Black 'n' White Europe is the third of what is now a trilogy of Toon travelogues taking us from victory in the 2012 Algarve Guadiana Trophy, to the Quarter-Finals of the 2012/13 Europa League campaign, and ending up runners-up in the Schalke Cup 2014.

Starting from pre-season in the Algarve, our Europa League trail criss-crossed Europe from the sweltering summer heat of Athens to the cooling breeze of Portuguese islands out in the Atlantic swell; from the Flemish canal tapestry that is Bruges to the wine-red savoir-vivre of Bordeaux, where we all became bons vivants. Somehow we even slippedthrough a time warp and revisited that famous victory in Palermo many Sicilian moons ago. Wider still and wider were the bounds of the Toon Empire set, as we went well and truly over the top on UEFA's Eastern Front. Kharkiv's austere snowscape was juxtaposed in what seemed like an instant with the frosted spires of the Kremlin, a fitting stage for Midnight in Moscow. Then back to the Ocean's edge we went for the most glorious of two-legged finales, in the wonderful cities of Lisbon and the Toon.We followed our conquerors, Benfica, to the Final itself in the Ajax Arena before rounding off with a long-awaited trip to Gelsenkirchen, the Toon's twin toon, for a game with Schalke 04.

There is so much more to a Euro-Toon trip than just the match itself and this is what we attempt to bring you here. Our team might not always win but nothing beats a day oot with the Toon, Toon, Black 'n' White  Army!


On Toon, Toon, Black 'n' White Europe:

'An affectionate portrait of bygone days - if Mike Ashley has his way!'


'All aboard for another roller-coaster European adventure with the lads'

Mick Edmondson, The Back Page

On Toon Odyssey:

'If you are a disciple of the black and whites as we all are, then this is for you.'

John Gibson, The Chronicle

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