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These Colours Don't Run

These Colours Don't Run

Ref No: 9781905769070

Details: Author: Derek Dykes & Andy Colvin

Type: Books

Price: £9.99

The story of the Capital City Service, the Hibs casuals who became the most notorious gang in Scotland. The CCS was galvanised by the savage and cowardly beating of member Raymie Morrell by Aberdeen's firm. Enraged by this incident the CCS trained with chilling efficiency. Then they took their revenge in the most spectacular way imaginable: they attacked Aberdeen with a petrol bomb, right in the heart of Edinburgh's world-famous Princes Street. This established the CCS as number-one and there was no stopping them as they rampaged across Scotland, England and the Continent. There were legendary fights with Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, Dundee, Chelsea, Millwall, Man United, Oldham, Burnley, Newcastle and the gang the CCS believed were the biggest creeps of them all: the Tartan Army. The CCS also organised a Scottish supermob to take on England's vicious hooligan army and the result was one of the bloodiest encounters in the annals of soccer thuggery. England came to Hampden in May 1989 in a confident frame of mind: they had a huge number of top boys, they were well tooled-up and they were looking to inflict maximum damage on any Scots they encountered. But the English got the shock of their lives when they came across the Scottish mob put together by the CCS and were sent homeward to think again. There is also the author's views on the best-selling author of 'Trainspotting', Irvine Welsh, admittedly a Hibs fan, but someone who did no fighting at all, despite impressions to the contrary. This is one of the most readable books in the genre: at times dark and violent, but often humorous and moving.

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