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The Rivals Game: Inside the British Derby (HB)

The Rivals Game: Inside the British Derby (HB)

Ref No: 9781905449798

Details: Author: Douglas Beattie

Type: Books

Price: £17.99

Why do football supporters choose one club rather than the other in a city where intense, often deep-seated rivalries exist? What made the choice for them; family ties, politics, religion, race, gang membership? Or were the clubs just different in what they stood for on the field as much as off it? Douglas Beattie spent two years getting underneath the skin of mainland Britain's biggest derby rivalries. These are the matches that are built up by the media as passionate, divisive and vitally important for the entire cities they are played in. These are the games that have a history of violence, fueds, social unrest and bigotry. But what is the truth about the origins behind these entrenched rivalries? And how does the enmity, so often displayed by supporters and, gleefully, by the media, reveal itself in modern times?With divisions going back as far as the English Civil War and preconceptions - mostly wrong - littering the landscape, Douglas visited Sheffield, Birmingham, north London, Manchester, Liverpool, the north east, Edinburgh and Glasgow to discover the answer to question such as, why do the citizens of Sheffield call each other 'Pigs', who was Wallace Mercer, the man who divided Edinburgh, what is it like to spend a day with Birmingham City's Zulu hooligans, why do the theme tune of 'Z Cars' and a banana loom large in the history of the 'friendly' Merseyside derby, and who really eats prawn sandwiches in Manchester?

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