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Can We Play You Every Week? (HB)

Can We Play You Every Week? (HB)

Ref No: 9781906021474

Details: Author: Max Velody

Type: Books

Price: £12.99

Can We Play You Every Week? gets right under the skin of every football league club and captures the great moments all fans cherish. Packed with anecdotes, quotes, tall tales, small players, crooks, corruption and crackpots, worst signings and bizarre injuries, this book is essential reading for anyone with the love of our national sport running through their veins.

Get the low-down on the chasm between rich teams and poor, find out which club was elected to the league without kicking a ball, which goalie took a bung because he couldn't sell his bungalow and which was the first club to ban celery as an offensive weapon. Be amazed at the club owner who believed in aliens and the player whose career was ended by an ironing board. But, most of all, read about the heroism, love and loyalty of ordinary fans, the thousands who have kept their clubs going when the chips were really down....

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