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GB United? (HB)

GB United? (HB)

Ref No: 9781905411924

Details: Author: Steve Menary

Type: Books

Price: £15.99

GB United?: British Olympic Football and the End of the Amateur Dream

GB United? is the story of the only time that the four parts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland managed to settle their differences and play as a team in the Olympic Games. As the book charts the history of a team that played long before the World Cup existed but vanished four decades ago, the story of the lingering death of the amateur ethos in football unfolds. Told through interviews with dozens of players, GB United? is the previously untold history of a team that will reappear again at the London Olympics in 2012 and grab the world's attention, and is the first and only book to chart the history of the British Olympic football team and alternative history of professional football; it looks at how the only attempt to field a British team and the entire amateur dream ethos both foundered and died. The book will prove an invaluable guide to the return of a GB football team, a team which most people in this country have never seen before, at the London 2012 Olympics, and includes contemporary and historic images to support the text.

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