Creative Soccer Training

Creative Soccer Training

Ref No: 9781841260150

Details: Author: Gerhard Frank

Type: Books

Price: £12.95

In 40 different points of emphasis in training, this book describes technique, tactical and fitness training according to the game method prefered by the coach or trainer. The aim of the book is the playful structuring of training in order to return the focus of soccer to game creativity, imagination and improvisation. With the help of the training games presented here, training can be structured in a diverse and interesting manner. A brief introduction to the various playing systems of the top soccer playing nations complements the practical section. The most important factors of playing ability and playing behaviour are described concisely and clearly. Furthermore, trainers are given important tips on proper warming-up and cooling down. An index helps readers quickly locate the required points of emphasis in the context of the various training games.

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