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Making It Real: My Soccer Skills Book

Making It Real: My Soccer Skills Book

Ref No: 9780007234189

Details: Author: David Beckham

Type: Books

Price: £12.99

Featuring state-of-the-art soccer skills training tips, the story behind the David Beckham academies, and with insights from Beckham on his unique lifestyle, this book captures the essence of what it's like to be England football captain and one of the most celebrated faces on the planet.

The David Beckham Academy in Greenwich, London is the largest sporting facility of its kind in Europe, comprising two full-size indoor third-generation football pitches and extensive state-of-the-art teaching and catering facilities.

Boys and girls aged 8-15 will be able to participate in a five-day soccer programme run during key times in the year, with unique cross-curricular activities focusing on football, team building, diet and nutrition, health and fitness, physiology and the role of managers and the media.

This book is the realisation of Beckham’s dream to give something back to the sport that made him a legend. It will feature a complete football training programme – from basic control skills and anticipation through to crossing techniques, free-kicks, and tactical awareness – based on the coursework within the Academy. Crucially, it will also address the life skills which form a core element of the workshops, ensuring that readers come away with not just an appreciation of the sport and world-class coaching techniques but how personal development forms a key role in their lives.

Lavishly illustrated with exclusive photographs of Beckham on and off the field, and with his own insights into his upbringing and how his experiences have shaped his career in the game, this book represents the next big adventure for Beckham – and the creation of an exciting, modern learning facility for any young aspiring footballer regardless of ability. The dream is now a reality.

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