Passing and Ball Control

Passing and Ball Control

Ref No: 9781841263007

Details: Author: Thomas Dooley & Christian Titz

Type: Books

Price: £12.95

This training book contains over 80 different exercise and game forms all pertaining to the topic of passing and ball control. The exercises in this book present an effective and efficient selection of methods for passing training, in which direct passing as well as ball control while in motion can be repeatedly trained. Each exercise and game form is presented in color figures, in order to help the reader visualize and better understand the exercises. The book begins with simple, linear passing forms and passing forms when dealing with opponents. Building on from there, passing forms with the emphasis on ball control, and passing in square and triangle formation while approaching the goal are presented, as they would occur in an actual game situation. The book is suitable for beginner and advanced players alike.

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