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The Armchair Olympian

The Armchair Olympian

Ref No: 9781408164761

Details: Author: Phil Ascough

Type: Books

Price: £6.99

Billed as the greatest sporting show on earth, the Olympic Games have produced countless memorable stories of achievement and endurance since entering the 'modern' era in 1896. The major sports take a back seat- some of them long gone from the schedule- as sports fans discover new heroes excelling in obscure events that intrigue. The Games deliver triumph and heartbreak, serial winners and one-medal wonders, shocks and controversies- and tragedy in the true sense of the word rather than the often diluted sporting interpretation. For just over two weeks every four years handball and hockey, sailing and shooting, judo and gymnastics become prime time news. And the word 'repechage' is common currency. The Armchair Olympian uses trivia, teasers, illustrations and quotes to recapture the magic of the story so far.

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