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The Bicycle Book

The Bicycle Book

Ref No: 9781841882635

Details: Author: Cycling Plus magazine

Type: Books

Price: £12.99

If you are thinking of abandoning the train, tube, car or bus andtaking to the streets on two wheels (and if not, why not?), then you need this book. THE BICYCLE BOOK contains a mine of usefulinformation, from selecting your bike to caring for it, from how to ride it to where to ride it and what to wear while riding it. With THE BICYCLE BOOK you will learn to distinguish your bottom bracket from your headset, how to repair a puncture in just 5 minutes and the simple secrets of keeping your bike in top condition with only three basic tools. It will even tell you how to get oil out of the carpet. Taming roundabouts, multi-lane filters, bendy buses, HGVs and white vans, THE BICYCLE BOOK is your ticket to a stress-free commute, wherever you live. For Londoners, it includes clever routes avoiding London's busier roads. But should you need to steer a safe course around Hyde Park Corner, this book will show you the best strategy. And in the unlikely event that push comes to SUV, it will also tell you what you need to do after a collision.

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