Ride Fast

Ride Fast

Ref No: 9781594860584

Details: Author: Eric Harr

Type: Books

Price: £8.99

In his newest book, Harr demonstrates his exceptional gift for inspiring even the most sedentary couch I potato to want to get into shape. By following Harr's easy-to-implement 10 week programme, cyclists will build their speed level by level, until they reach the goal of 25 miles per hour. And along the way they will recapture their passion for bike riding. Here cyclists will find: 25 action-oriented strategies to get moving; directions to help climb, descend, and corner better; advice on what to eat before and after workouts; tips for riding "smart and safe"; and a list of the 7 best foods for longevity. The book shows readers how to reach their goal in just three key workouts each week - the long ride, the tempo ride, and the interval session - and it will soon have them riding faster, with more fluid grace, and with more enjoyment than ever before.

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