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James Cracknell's No-Gym Health Plan

James Cracknell's No-Gym Health Plan

Ref No: 9780753511510

Details: Author: James Cracknell

Type: Books

Price: £14.99

MYTH: you have to spend hours a week at the gym to stay fit and lead a healthy life

FACT: with the NO-GYM HEALTH PLAN, a few small changes to your lifestyle will help you achieve BIG results.

'When I took a break from training after rowing at the Athen's Olympics, I suddenly discovered the daily struggle that every bloke faces: how do you find time to keep fit and healthy whilst juggling work commitments with a family and a social life?

I devised a No-Gym Health Plan as the first real alternative to all those unrealistic and unachievable goals set by many men's health books and magazines. Not every bloke has the time - or desire - to spend hours every week sweating it out in the gym to stay fit. So how can you work exercise and healthy eating into your life - and still be able to enjoy the odd pint with your mates?

With me as your personal trainer, I'll show you how small changes to your diet and exercise routine can leat to big results. The No-Gym Health Plan couldn't be simpler.'

- Assess your health and fitness levels before you start

- Lose you beer belly forever with my simple No-Gym fitness plan

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