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Official Body Control Pilates Manual

Official Body Control Pilates Manual

Ref No: 9780330393270

Details: Author: Lynne Robinson, Helge Fisher, Jacqueline Knox & Gordon Thomson

Type: Books

Price: £12.99

Pilates body conditioning is today's fitness buzzword, and following the storming success of Lynne Robinson and Gordon Thomson's original 'Body Control: The Pilates Way', a variety of books have appeared - none as authoritative, practical, safe and geared towards solving your body's problems as this. 'How will Pilates help me?' is its keynote, so after explaining the fundamental Eight Principles through accessible, balanced core programmes come 'Pilates prescriptions' for your specific needs. With the growing support of many GPs, osteopaths and chiropractors, not to mention stars from screen, stage and sport, when you exercise with Pilates Body Control, you're in excellent company. From back pains, posture problems to prevention of common sports injuries and training your children to use their bodies properly, this is the one-stop reference.

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