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Win at the gym: Secrets of fitness and health success

Win at the gym: Secrets of fitness and health success

Ref No: 9781904902003

Details: Author: Steve Shipside

Type: Books

Price: £12.99

"I was so out of shape and overweight that my doctor told me I was well on my way to chronic back pain. I would have answered back but I was fully engaged in sucking my belly in at the time. I’m no superman and was never a natural gym bunny yet now I’m a triathlete and marathon runner. I’m fitter than I ever dreamt I could be. I just had an idea that I could do it and then worked out how. Then I did it. Now I have developed a unique programme to help others get more out of what they do in the gym. That’s my story. This is yours. It starts here…"

Steve Shipside

Win in the Gym will show you how to:

• Get thinking
• Get the idea
• Challenge your routine
• Feel inspired
• Take it easy
• Improve performance
• Master new techniques
• Get it right first time


With the 52 Brilliant Ideas series readers can enhance their existing skills with negligible investment of time or money and will substantially improve their performance over the course of a year. Each of the 52 chapters tackles a single aspect of the subject in an entertaining and lively way. At the end of each chapter is a "how did it go?" feature which allows readers to reflect on the lesson in a classic experiental learning pattern. The tone of each book is personal and informal; it’s like having a one-to-one with your favourite coach.

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