Better Body

Better Body

Ref No: 9780713671988

Details: Author: Anita Bean

Type: Books

Price: £5.99

Easy-to-use, practical and packed with tips and advice, this full-colour guide gives you all the information you need to develop muscle, create great body definition or simply to improve your overall physique. It includes exercises to work out both the upper and lower body, muscle-building techniques, nutritional advice and tips on getting and staying motivated. All these elements are then brought together in six weekly workout programmes, complete with a workout log so you can keep track of your progress. Then, once you have that great body you've always wanted, this essential handbook provides a maintenance programme so you can keep in shape for good. Six-Week Workouts: Better Body is an easy-to-use, concise guide in a handy compact format for anyone who wants to get real results, fast.

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