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Fab abs : Anita Bean's six week workout

Fab abs : Anita Bean's six week workout

Ref No: 9780713671971

Details: Author: Anita Bean

Type: Books

Price: £5.99

Easy-to-use, practical and packed with tips and advice, this full-colour guide gives you all the information you need to tone your stomach, burn fat and get a six pack, whether you are new to exercise or just looking for a great abs workout. It includes exercises to work out the stomach muscles, fat-burning techniques, nutritional advice and tips on getting and staying motivated. All these elements are then brought together in six weekly workout programmes, complete with a workout log so you can keep track of your progress. Then, once you have the perfect abs, this essential handbook provides a maintenance programme so you can keep your stomach looking great. The ideal book for anyone who wants real results, fast. Fully illustrated with colour photographs throughout, Six-Week Workouts: Fab Abs is an easy-to-use,

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