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A History Of Tyneside -Ant and Dec (DVD)

A History Of Tyneside -Ant and Dec (DVD)

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A History of Tyneside - Presented by Ant and Dec. The entire 7 part series as seen on Tyne Tees TV. Tyneside bursts with pride - not a swaggering conceit but the most obvious warm and pungent sense of civic pride. Tynesiders know who they are and everybody else does too. Yet not since the middle of the nineteenth century has there been a detailed study of the remarkable story of how Tyneside was made and how it came to look, sound and behave the way it does. A History of Tyneside tells that glittering tale, from the retreat of the ice fields 10,000 years ago, the arrival of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, the stunning achievement of St. Bede of Jarrow, the building of the New Castle in 1080 and the dangerous beginnings of the coal trade to the dizzying growth of the Industrial Revolution, the trials of Newcastle United and its heroes and the ever changing face throughout the twenty-first century. This is the intriguing tale of a unique, magical and dynamic place, and the remarkable people who made it.

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