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Tiger Woods - Heart Of A Champion (DVD)

Tiger Woods - Heart Of A Champion (DVD)

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The life and achievements to date of the young professional golfer. By the age of three, he was shooting 48 for nine holes. At 21, the golf prodigy continued to amaze people all over the world with his sheer brilliance. In this first year in the professional tour, he racked up six tournament victories, including the prestigious 'Masters' championship. Woods astounded seasoned professionals at the Augusta Masters when he destroyed the opposition with a record score of 270; 18 under par. Winning a massive 12 stroke margin, he became the youngest Masters champion in history. Then in 2000, Tiger became the youngest player ever to win 4 Grand Slam titles with his victory in the British Open at St. Andrews. This exciting programme details his greatest moments, challengers and thrilling tournament play. Get it first hand from the people who know him best: Stanford coach, Wally Goodwin, Tiger's current coach Butch Harmon along with his fiercest PGA rivals. This exciting DVD also examines how the young phenomenon has handled the pressures in the glare of the public spotlight, and his relationships with fellow PGA competitors. Watch in fascination the instructional section when coach, Butch Harmon, takes us through the subtleties of Tiger's incredibly powerful swing technique. This enthralling, in-depth programme gives you insight into the heart of a champion.

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