Alan Mullery (HB)

Alan Mullery (HB)

Ref No: 9780755314812

Details: Author: Alan Mullery

Type: Books

Price: £18.99

Alan Mullery's passion for football is matched by a stream of anecdotes about the players that have filled his professional life, including Bobby Moore, Pele, Johnny Haynes, Jimmy Greaves and George Best. Here, for the first time, Mullery lets the reader into the secrets he has previously kept hidden: the shame of being sent off for England; the true story behind England's 1970 World Cup quarter-final defeat; how he sold one thousand Cup final tickets on the black market; and the bitterness behind the cheers of Spurs' 1972 UEFA Cup victory.

In addition, he tells of how he squared up to a national hero, about the naked blonde in the hotel and the truth behind football's most feared man and why he hated playing against him. From the war-torn streets of London, to the great soccer arenas of the world, the Alan Mullery story is packed with non-stop action, famous characters and every human emotion. Violence. Frustration.

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