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Blokes With Balls

Blokes With Balls

Ref No: 9781845370800

Details: Author: Jeremy Clay

Type: Books

Price: £7.99

Fanatical about football? Raving about rugby? Crazy about cricket? The men in this book take sports enthusiasm to a new level to show their commitment to their beloved clubs. The devotees show off their passion along with their costumes, collections and unique stories. From UEFA's best supporter to members of the Barmy Army, from the FA librarian to Manchester United's longest-standing supporter, from name changes to lucky pants, everybody has a story to tell and an enthusiasm to share. These men will happily travel for miles, brave all weathers, spend their precious time and even more money all in the name of following their favourite team; whether they be winners or losers, champions or bottom of the league. Journalist Jeremy Clay digs deep to find out what separates the casual supporter from the die-hard fan in this assembly of quirky, eccentric, but very proud blokes.

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