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1966 : My World Cup Story

1966 : My World Cup Story

Ref No: 9780224100519

Details: Author: Sir Bobby Charlton

Type: Books

RRP: £8.99
Price: £7.99

Fifty years on, a legend remembers. In 1966 England won the World Cup at Wembley. Sir Bobby Charlton, England's greatest ever player, was there on the pitch.

Now, half a century on, Sir Bobby looks back on the most glorious moment of his life and England's greatest sporting achievement. In 1966 he takes us through the build-up to the tournament and to the final itself - what he saw, what he heard, what he felt. He tells us what it was like to be part of Sir Alf Ramsey's team, his memories of his teammates, the matches, the atmosphere; how it felt to be carried on the wave of a nation's euphoria and to go toe-to-toe with some of the foremost footballers to ever play the game.

His life has been forever defined by a single moment: one day when a man stood side-by-side with his best friends, united in a single aim in front of a watching nation.


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